Each of the 17 rooms was conceived in a way that guests can enjoy a profoundly restful sleep and are also able to relish in the contemplation of the scenery from the intimacy of their room.

The pastel colors and the simple lines share the space with antique furniture, which envelops guests in the spirit of a typical southern Argentinian estancia.

The guest rooms have telephone, WiFi, central heating - which may be set at individual preference - and a full set of amenities. The rooms do not have a TV. EOLO aims to foment a dialogue between our visitors and their surroundings so instead of a TV screen, guests will find cozy couches set in front of large windows with a view that is a true feast for the eyes.

Superior room

Lake, steppe and/or cordillera views. Twelve rooms, each with its unique decoration, of which 2 allow an extra bed and triple occupancy. The average surface of each room is 400 square feet.

Premium room

In addition to the outside window - also present in the Superior category - these rooms have a second window with a view to the hotel's garden. There are three of these, each decorated differently. All have the option of an extra bed. Average surface is 500 square feet.

Corner room

These rooms have a double window in the corner which allows the immensity of the scenery to subtly become part of the room. It is the highest category and there are only two of these rooms in the hotel. Average surface is 515 square feet.