Your stay begins at the exact moment that you arrive in El Calafate airport and one of our drivers is waiting to drive you to the hotel at no extra cost.

The drive lasts an hour and a half and gives you a first glimpse of the beauty of Patagonia. The journey will take you through El Calafate, bordering Lago Argentino and then diving into the steppe geography until you reach your destination.

Once in the estancia, our staff will ensure that the days you share with us are comfortable and dynamic, and that every one of your wishes is anticipated and met. The suggested stay for a full experience is a minimum of 3 nights and the ideal stay is of 4 nights. This is to ensure that you will have the time to fully enjoy the different outdoor activities as well as EOLO's installations. The aim is both simple and sophisticated: that the days you spend at EOLO be an exquisite tool to see the world with new eyes and to attain a renewed sense of awe and wonder.